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Global Deployment

Deploying JD Edwards involves both technical and change management issues. It is likely to involve collaboration with external partners with specialist knowledge and experience to provide advice, design and configuration expertise. Project teams may include partners, internal teams, independent consultants or a hybrid mix. Recognising that project cost, as well as delivery, is critical and affects the success of JDE change programs, we ensure our clients maintain control over their budgets without impacting quality. With over 21 years’ experience deploying JD Edwards our teams also include Change Managers with extensive stake-holder engagement experience as well as technical specialists.

Millennium Consulting provides JD Edwards professionals for projects taking place across the globe. The importance of specialist local knowledge when rolling out to a new country should not be under estimated. Sometimes the smallest country requires the greatest effort to implement JD Edwards effectively.

A successful deployment requires the following: -

  • In country product expertise
  • Local language skills
  • Familiarity with the local culture
  • Knowledge of localisation rules (tax, reporting etc.)
  • Change management skills
  • Planning abilities
  • Collaborative co-operation with local teams

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Country Support

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne combines the power of a global business software suite with specific, integrated adaptations that address the financial, regulatory, and other needs for running your company in other countries. These localization efforts support:

1. General business functionality for Financial Management and Supply Chain Management.

2. Country specific tax, regulatory, and statutory updates prioritized by updates (priority 1) and new requirements (priority 2).

The countries listed below have specific localisations available directly from Oracle.

Millennium Consulting has partner operations in many countries not listed below. In many of these countries the local partner has developed their own localisation. Millennium Consulting can assist you to implement these localisations as part of your global deployment.

Asia Specific


Latin America

ERP Migration

ERP Migration

If you are looking to undertake an ERP migration either from JD Edwards to SAP, SAP to JD Edwards or JD Edwards to or from any other ERP solution Millennium Consulting can assist with strategic advice and planning and the provision of consulting services or resources.

Millennium Consulting has assisted many organisation who have, for example, been JD Edwards ERP users and then the company has been acquired by a larger organisation using SAP resulting in an ERP migration project. Millennium Consulting has several ERP practises, each with expertise in a different ERP. This put us in a unique position to be able to assist companies undertaking an ERP migration.