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duplicate payments

Duplicate payments happen all the time. Occasional overpayments and duplicate payments of supplier invoices inevitably elude even the best real time system controls. The most common cause being human error. Invoices may be received twice, a single character reference may be misread resulting in two payments plus a host of other scenarios can result in duplicate payments; many of which are difficult to identify using automated systems. Occasionally these payments may not be erroneous but fraudulent. Either way many private companies and public sector organisations are losing six or seven figure amounts of money each year. Much of this money can be identified and recovered. Millennium Consulting has a wealth of experience in tracing these erroneous payments offering a quick win service whereby clients can recover monies quickly and easily. Using our specialist techniques developed in house together with sophisticated detection algorithms and plenty of attention to detail we are able to find class-leading cash sums for our clients. We don’t use commercial audit software so we can work with your raw data without the need for you to purchase any additional software. The service is discrete and unobtrusive and can highlight ways to improve the service delivered whilst saving money and not costing money. With over twenty years’ experience in data analysis of ERP systems, particularly JD Edwards, Millennium Consulting can help you find smart solutions to chronic problems within a short period of time without the risk of expensive business transformation programmes or large, expensive third parties.

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